Trail Ride Numero Dos

I read somewhere that show horses take to the trails like ducks to water, and I can honestly say that I believe that more than ever now.  We went on another great trail ride, this time at Taylorsville Lake State Park, with Mary Jo and her terrific seasoned trail horses Romeo and Cruiser.  I got to ride Cruiser, so that Cindy could take Fiz out on a real trail since she wasn’t able to go last time we went.  We had tougher trails including some rocky inclined paths, narrow paths, and trails by the road.  Our boy was a champ, and just went on like it was no big deal.  Our American Saddlebred is a perfect example of the versatility and willingness of this breed.  So before I go on running my mouth about how incredibly proud I am of our horse and the fact that he is simply amazing, I’ll just put some pictures from our ride down here and call it a day.

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