Kayla – Bio

My name is Kayla, and I started riding horses when I was 6 years old at the local trail riding barn where you were put on a dead broke horse that followed the horse in front of it’s behind for a half hour at a time. I began taking lessons shortly after, and with that also came showing. I showed in academy for many years (about 1993 to 2007) and moved to showing in performance in 2010 when I could afford my first lease as an adult. My first trainer, Nez Weber, shaped my love for horses and introduced me to the amazing American Saddlebred and I have been in love with the breed ever since. I have had the opportunity to know, work with, and show many amazing horses in my life (see the gallery below for some examples). I am beginning to learn more about different breeds in recent years, and adding new skills and knowledge to my “resume” of all things horse related.

I have ridden at several different barns and learned a lot of different things in my equestrian career. A lot of which have prepared me for this AOT adventure. I am constantly learning new things and I willingly accept guidance and advice from anyone willing to tell me about their knowledge and experiences. I am happy to receive direction from experienced horse people.

Amateur Owner Trainer is definitely a challenge, but, challenge ACCEPTED!