Kayla and Cindy met when Kayla purchased a hackney pony in 2011 and needed a driver for the 2011 show season.  Cindy was the perfect person for the job being as she had shown ponies her whole life.  Over the show season and the ownership of the pony, we became great friends.  We spent shows talking about having our own farms one day and that created the idea that we can own, train, and show our own horse(s). The thought of being Amateur Owner/Trainers seemed challenging, but not so challenging we weren’t up to it.  So, we formed Twisted Sisters and purchased our first, and very special “Twisted Sisters” American Saddlebred, Late Night Champagne.  We affectionately call him “Fiz” or “Fizzy” around the barn.  From the beginning in 2013, this adventure has been a challenge, but we continue to face our challenges together and rise to every occasion as a team.  Our men think we’ve lost it, but they support us nonetheless. Consider this blog a virtual tour of what we are doing, where we are going, and how we are getting along with our horse(s).

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Below is a picture of us.  Left to right: Cindy, Fizzy, and Kayla.