Cindy – Bio


My name is Cindy, I’m the short red headed one. My husband brought me to Louisville before we were married, but Iowa will forever be home to me. My husband puts up with me and our three dogs. My dogs are my children, they just happen to wear fur coats all year round.

I have always loved horses as long as I can remember. When I was about 4 or 5 years old, my figure skating coach, Roxie Lockard, also was a horse trainer who also happened to live right by my parent’s house. Roxie taught me everything I know about horses. She is everything anyone could ever ask for from a horse trainer. The very first horse I showed was named Golden Perfection “Pete” and he was Roxie’s favorite old show horse.  Then for my 9th birthday I was surprised when my parent’s purchased my first show horse, Cachet RWF. She was sweetest mare I have ever encountered. Together we won the Chapter 3/4 Equitation Championship.

I fell in love with hackney ponies the first time I rode Texas Tommy, he was incredibly fast. I tell people that a road pony is the sports car of the show ring, small, fast, and incredibly mobile. I was hooked and ever since then and I have had the privilege to own and show some very successful ponies.

I left Iowa for the “promise land” of Saddlebreds, Kentucky, where I met my husband. I left Kentucky for a couple years and I lived in Florida before ultimately coming back to be with the love of my life, my husband.

Fiz has taught me more than I ever thought I knew about horse ownership. Leaving a show barn and venturing on our own has been an incredible experience and has made me appreciate Tim and Roxie even more for never complaining about 6 a.m. feeding or staying up all night with a sick horse. I love that Kayla and I are experiencing a new side of horse ownership tackling new challenges together.