Dental Day!

Most people don’t realize, horses need dentists too.  Their teeth never stop growing, and the way they eat causes their teeth to develop jagged edges and different issues, making bridling and riding them painful if it’s not taken care of.  It also makes chewing difficult if the teeth get really bad.  Horses with bad teeth will not be able to chew well and they can lose food out of their mouths, causing them and their owners to have to work much harder to get the amount of nutrients needed to maintain a healthy weight.

We wanted our guy to be pain free, and have no excuses to be angry in the bridle or develop any weird issues due to trying to compensate for his mouth hurting.  So, we had a dentist come and float his teeth.  It’s called floating, but it’s essentially filing down all the jagged edges where the teeth are smooth and even inside the mouth.  Equine dentists also remove teeth that are troublesome.  Fiz did not need any teeth removed, but his teeth were pretty sharp.  Dr Adrian Robertson of Bannon Woods Equine came and floated teeth for us. Here she is with her assistant, working on Fiz! Fiz thanks her for his smooth, pain free mouth and so do we!


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