“Let me tell ya bout my best friend”

He’s a warm hearted horse, who’ll love me til the end…  Ok, I’ll stop singing now and get on with my point.  Fiz had a big day today.  It was 60 degrees outside and we had plans to work him and wash his tail.  He long lined wonderfully, then he got his crusty disgusting tail washed and braided up. We are glad it’s clean and dandruff free now, and hope it stayed that way for longer than the 30 minutes we watched him in the field before we left the farm this afternoon.  We did discover another thing to add to the list of stuff Fiz thinks is going to kill him.  A hair dryer.  So for now, we have on that list: stationary mounds of gravel, clippers near his ears, and hair dryers.  Kayla coming up off the ground throwing sand in the air is pretty scary too.

Now for the biggest news of the day, Fiz got to meet his new friend and hopefully long term pasture mate, a thoroughbred named Thunder. Thunder has just moved here from Michigan and we are happy he’s a chill guy with a good attitude.  They seemed to get along really well and we are so pleased he will no longer be alone in the pasture!  After all, horses are meant to be in herds, even if it’s just a herd of two, we don’t want him to be lonely! We really hope they become great friends and have a lot of fun together.  Of course, in typical Twisted Sisters fashion, we documented the meeting via cell phone photos, so here they are!


As much as we had hoped Fiz and Thunder were going to be good friends and pasture mates, unfortunately it did not happen.  Apparently, Fiz does not play well with others!!  The next day, he kept picking and picking at poor Thunder and try as he might to ignore it, Thunder got tired of being picked at and went after Fizzy but Fizzy just kept on picking until they had to be separated.  I guess Fiz is just destined to be in a pasture by himself!  Oh well.  His choice!!

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