If Horses Were People

Disclaimer, this video has nothing to do with training or AOT, but the videos at the bottom are pretty hilarious!

Fiz is very strange and has a lot of weird quirks.  We as horse owners overlook these weird things because well, we love Fiz.  But when you think about it, he really does do a lot of weird things.

1.  The strange head toss thing.  We’ve posted pictures and video of this before, so you can see what we are talking about in another post.

2.  He begs for food like a dog.  He searches you for it.  Literally, will take his nose and “nose” around your clothing to see if he can catch a whiff of something that maybe you forgot to give him.

3.  He unzips your zippers and plays with your clothing.  On several occasions, he has unzipped Cindy’s jacket.  He has been known to pull hats off heads, too.

4. After eating his treats, he will nod his head in approval. This comes right before he begins to search (harass) you for more food.

5.  He paws.  I hate it when he paws but he still does it.  Most annoying habit ever.

6.  He snorts at objects he doesn’t approve of.

7.  He considers it proper etiquette for him to eat with food hanging out of his mouth.

8.  Banging his head around in his food bowl is his way of demanding more food.  We’re pretty sure he’d eat almost anything.

I’m sure those are just a few of the weird quirks in the overall picture, but after watching the below videos, I am certain our horse’s “person” would be just as obnoxious!!

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