Hoof Comparison 4-11-14 to 6-13-14



Just a picture to compare hoof quality from 4-10-14 to 6-13-14.  Fiz now has rear shoes and the damage on the front right hoof has grown out considerably.  The farrier is happy with the way his feet are coming along, but says we still have a way to go.  As you can see, we definitely need more heel, but it seems to grow much less slowly than the toe.  That’s OK though… we are doing our best to be patient. I mean, we are forced to be patient because we have no other choice. I wish we could just snap our fingers and *POOF*… Perfect hooves.  However, neither Cindy nor I is a magician, so no magic tricks here.
fiz-feet-4-10 and 6-13 compare

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