Our first show of the season was Friday, May 8th at the KASPHA May Classic.  We showed in Novice Rider and Novice Horse, since none of us have won 5 blue ribbons in our lifetimes!   We learned a few things that we need to work on in our upcoming training, but we are overall very proud of our boy in both classes.  Emily came and groomed for us.  It was wonderful having her as part of the team and we really couldn’t have done it without her!  She made Fiz look beautiful, and did her job perfectly! We had a huge support system show up to cheer for us, so we consider ourselves lucky that so many people support what we are doing! Wes, Michael, Carter, Tasha, and William, we are so glad you all came to support us!

My sister-in-law Carter took pictures of my class, for which I am much appreciative of! I took pictures of Cindy’s class.  Check out Carter’s photography page at www.cartermwebbphotography.com for some amazing work.

Our friend William did video of our classes and I don’t know about Cindy, but I have watched mine several times and have made some notes to work on for the next show.

1.  Pay attention to the ring master in the lineup!  Allow him to step forward before backing, so he doesn’t rear!

2.  Separation of pleasure trot and extended trot is important.  I felt like we went faster at the extended trot, but the video doesn’t show much difference in speed.

3.  Some things are just unavoidable!!

Anyway, enjoy the photos and videos below!

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