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Fiz’s first Trail Ride

We thought it would be fun for Fiz to go out on a nice relaxing trail ride.  We went out through a corn field on some cleared paths and he behaved very well.  The scariest thing in the world to him is apparently a giant mound of gravel, with which Fiz was very unimpressed with.  Barking/running dogs, rabbits, trees, tall grass: all fine!  Mound of stationary gravel: It’s going to eat him alive.  Cindy got to do the honors and ride him on his first trail ride-in an english saddle! Don’t laugh, it’s the only thing we had with stirrups short enough to fit her short legs!  Don’t they look cute??


First Ride

May 19, 2013.  After dealing with Fiz being sick, we were finally able to RIDE him!!!  Seeing as he hadn’t been ridden in a while, we were a little leery of how he was going to act.  So, hence the helmet for the first brave soul to hop on the wild beast!!  All in all, he was very well behaved.  He just didn’t have a whole lot of energy to get around the ring, so we each took a short few trips and called it a day.