Science Behind Training Aids?

We have visited training aids and their uses before under here, and have talked about the use of light chains and other devices on horses feet as a method of helping develop a desired gait.  Again I want to state that there has been a lot of controversy over the use of these and some people call it cruel.  I disagree, noting that proper use of devices can be safe, and also beneficial and helpful in training.  I recently read an article on associating “leg weights” with rehabilitation, physical therapy, and assisting with building muscle.  A study has been conducted proving that the use of such devices indeed do not harm the horse.  I could have told you that, but there’s never really been any documentation to back this up. Now, there is!

Read the article on and see for yourself!  Leg Weights And Rehabilitation.

That said, I reiterate that you MUST apply the chains/weights correctly or you are going to cause your horse harm.  Do not apply them so tight that they dig into your horses skin, and don’t apply them so loose that they get stuck around your horses hoof/coronary band/heel bulbs.  They should freely move around the top of the coronary band and pastern, but not so much they sink down and get stuck.

See there, us Saddlebred people are not so cruel to our horses after all with our training aids.  Most of us actually pamper our horses and treat them better than we do ourselves.  We live for their well-being and safety.  Just remember that!

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